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Freedom America Retirement Services of New England was founded with the mission of helping people become financially secure and free in retirement.

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After a combined 50+ years of experience working for Fortune 500 companies in their retirement benefits and retirement planning divisions, Jim Mayer and Sue Mayer have teamed up to bring their career expertise directly to couples, families and individuals who are five to 10 years away from retirement in Southern New England. The firm has deep experience with defined benefits plans, ERISA retirement plans, non-qualified plans, and stock purchase plans as well as banking and insurance.

Jim Mayer personally managed an elite team responsible for overseeing the management of millions of retirement plan participants for Fortune 500 firms including Boeing, Aetna, ExxonMobil, Honeywell and Nestle, with hundreds of billions of dollars in retirement plan assets. As an expert in large retirement plans, he regularly attended and spoke at industry conferences. He is passionate about retirement.

Sue Mayer leveraged her degree and skill in education to become a corporate trainer for Fortune 500 companies, educating employees in all aspects of their retirement, defined contribution, and defined benefit plans. She was recruited to New York Life Investment Management Company to help start up their retirement plan daily valuation business as well as spearhead employee benefits training.

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Freedom America Retirement Services of New England is committed to helping you and your family navigate the complexities of retirement so that you can retire securely and successfully. Based in Mansfield, Massachusetts, the Freedom America Retirement Services headquarters is located only 30 minutes south of the Boston area. Call us at (800) 679-0665.



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Jim Mayer

Owner, Financial Advisor

“Because each client’s situation is unique, it’s fulfilling to help individuals achieve their financial goals.”

Plan design. Consulting. Product development. Team management. Relationship management. Implementation. These were a major part of James (Jim) Mayer’s responsibilities during the more than 32 years he spent in the financial services industry – focused mainly on delivering retirement benefits to Fortune 500 companies. His passion now is providing the same world-class service and retirement expertise to his clients.

“The opportunity to help individuals and families is much more personal. I get to help clients understand how their financial decisions affect them directly, as opposed to working through large companies where the outcome is generally cost reduction,” Jim says. “Because each client’s situation is unique, it’s fulfilling to help individuals achieve their financial goals.”

Among Jim’s accomplishments during his business years was his involvement in designing, building and testing one of the first 401(k) internet platforms for institutional use back in 1999. Now, as president of Freedom America Retirement Services of New England’s office in Mansfield, Massachusetts, Jim applies his corporate background to the holistic financial planning approach he takes with clients.

This includes an analysis of how different tax-qualified accounts like IRAs and 401(k)s, as well as pensions and Social Security benefits need to come together to form an overall income plan. “There’s no manual for retirement. So it’s key that clients make the right decisions in conjunction with all of their assets,” he says.

Born and raised in Northern New Jersey, Jim attended Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and St. Peter’s University in Jersey City, New Jersey, earning a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management and a minor in Mathematics. He learned the retirement industry from the ground floor working at the former Bankers Trust Company while still a senior in college as part of the bank’s cooperative education and management training programs.

After seven years, he had worked his way up to the position of bank officer, but then left the firm to relocate to New England for a project management position at State Street Bank. While there he worked on complex corporate retirement plans and was promoted to senior vice president and then executive vice president, managing and overseeing State Street’s Large Corporate Market division consisting of millions of retirement plan participants and hundreds of billions of dollars in plan assets. Clients consisted of household Fortune 100 and global corporations.

Jim is also trained in Six Sigma, LEAN and Continuous Improvement methodologies, and likes to apply systems design and continuous improvement in his own life: He’s currently pursuing further training at The American College of Financial Services.

Jim is married to Sue Mayer, and the two work together at Freedom America. They have two children – a daughter attending college in Virginia, and a son in high school in Massachusetts. Jim supports a variety of charities and, when not involved with clients, enjoys spending time with his family and fishing. He is also an avid follower of New England sports teams.

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Sue Mayer

Owner, Financial Advisor

With a passion to enable people to live in financial peace...

Sue Mayer of Freedom America Retirement Services of New England applies her educational background and specialization in retirement plans to the clients she and husband Jim Mayer work with at the firm.

Sue enjoys using her gifts of teaching and training to help clients understand the importance of optimizing income from their pension, Social Security and tax-deferred accounts to come up with a financial strategy to create protected income in retirement. Sue also focuses on educating state employees who may be subject to the Windfall Elimination Provision which could reduce their Social Security income – evaluating the timing of when and how to claim Social Security and take their pension.

With an educational degree, Sue's earlier career years as a teacher were followed by a transition to the financial services industry where she was a senior vice president with a national financial services company.

As a corporate trainer at State Street Bank and Trust, she specialized in retirement plans and protection for plan participants as required by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) – the federal labor law that governs most employer retirement plans. That experience and her job responsibilities brought Sue to many Fortune 500 companies, where she was responsible for employee outreach, education and training in all aspects of defined benefit and defined contribution plans.

She was then asked to join New York Life Investment Management Company to assist in starting its retirement plan daily valuation business and to develop the employee training and education programs at the company.

Sue left corporate America during her two children's formative years, but continued to work part time in the educational field as well as creating and contributing her services to charitable-based organizations involved in funding overseas and domestic needs. In addition to her desire to ensure retirees don't outlive their money, Sue has been active in assisting families who are struggling financially, training them in the importance of an outward focused, financial mentality.

Married to Jim, the couple’s daughter is currently attending college in Virginia, while their son is in high school in Massachusetts. Like Jim, Sue has been involved in coaching their children’s sports teams and enjoys spending free time with her family.